How, When & Why We Started Encora (Green GrubBox)About Us

About Us

Green GrubBox (Encora) was formed in January 2018 by Founder and CEO Ted Wallis who arrived at the idea while researching his thesis project in graduate school at Seattle University. “I’d sit down in the food court of the Columbia Tower nearly every day watching countless people struggle with figuring out how to compost or recycle their lunch waste. Many ended up putting items in the wrong spot, or just giving up entirely and trashing everything. I thought to myself ‘there has got to be another option’ so I started looking into what a reusable container program might look like in Seattle.”

Armed with a passion for sustainability, GGB (Encora) set its sights on shifting the paradigm of how takeout food is consumed and handled in Seattle. As a lifelong environmental and animal rights advocate, our commitment to sustainability and waste reduction aligns directly with Ted’s desire to protect our planet for future generations, including creating a greener world for his son and daughter.

Watch for Encora at colleges, airports and business campuses in 2021.

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Encora membership provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food. You’ll have peace of mind while enjoying good eats knowing you can dine out 1,000 times without contributing to the waste stream.


Encora is a free service for users.  Please return within 7 days to avoid any replacement container costs.

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