9.27.2021. Thanks everyone who came out to the Andersonville Homecoming this past weekend to welcome reuse with food and beverage containers in Chicago. See you in the food line!


Enterprise Dish Services

Enterprise Dish Services

Encora now offers enterprise “white glove” dish and flatware services to your campus, business or special event.  Our inventory management system ensures your firm will maximize sustainability while bringing zero waste eats to your business or campus in a completely closed loop system.  We deliver clean dishes every day and offer a wide variety of china dishware, flatware and glassware to meet all your needs.  We utlize high temperature washing and sanitization service as well as convenient return stations so collection is a breeze.  Encora Dish saves money on single use packaging, labor, waste management and removal costs.



Encora Dish eases the burden for kitchen staff, facilities management and dining services and provides clean and sustainable dining options to all consumers.  Pricing is dependent on the size of your business and the number of pieces and return stations you will need.  Call us at 206.367.4782 or email info@encora.co for a customized proposal.