EncoraFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees for containers that are not returned?

Yes. However, Encora gives the user every opportunity to return the container (up to 60 days in some cases) before a replacement container fee may be accrued. Encora’s mobile application checks out containers by QR code at the time food is purchased so containers remain on a user account until returned. Users with outstanding boxes receive a reminder notification directly to their mobile phones after 48 hours. In our experience, most users return their containers within a few days.

Is this program intended for cafes operated on campus, retail tenants/restaurants, and/or food trucks?

Encora (GGB) was initially designed for commercial businesses, but can be tailored and applied to other food and beverage programs/settings depending on size and volume.  We began in downtown Seattle but have now created options for colleges, tech campuses, hospitals and military bases.

Can the reduction of environmental impacts be tracked?

Yes – all containers will have individual date, time stamp, location and user information beginning at time of purchase.  This gives us a variety of metrics associated with waste reduction and can even quantify potential savings a customer stands to benefit from in waste reduction, labor and waste removal costs.

How frequently are the return stations emptied or how are they managed to prevent overflow?

Currently our production team monitors our drop stations on an hourly basis to prevent overflow for our metro model.  We are rolling out a smart collection system at the San Diego Airport in the summer of 2020 to test an auto-checkin feature using enhanced RFID.  The new technology will have a host of other proprietorial features so check back after we launch this new system.

How and where are GrubBoxes, Cool Cups and Master Souper’s washed and stored?

Encora boxes are washed and stored in our commercial facility downtown.  In our “You Wash” program we provide the infrastructure for campuses to manage the system and they do the washing with their own washing facility.  Our white glove service provides washing and handling of dishware, flatware and all of our takeout container options.