An Encora subscription provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy take out from some of your favorite campus restaurants. You can enjoy good food knowing you’re not contributing to the waste stream.

Downloading the Encora app provides you with the most sustainable way to enjoy takeout food from some of your favorite eateries with the peace of mind that you are not contributing to the waste stream.

Encora is a free service for consumers but we require a credit card for identification purposes only. Your data is safe as we utilize STRIPE for all payments and we don't store any credit card information on our servers. The only time you would get charged is if you don't return one of our containers within 7 days.

You can sign up on a computer, but you’ll need to download the app to use Encora.

Once you have the app and created an account, order your food from a participating restaurant and request an Encora container for your food and/or beverage.

When you pick up your food in an Encora, scan the QR code on the box and show the notification to the cashier or food handler!.

When you're done with your food, find a return station on the app or website. When approaching our smart return station stand within 36 inches and the Encora smart bin sees you coming. A short tutorial video will begin and guide you through the return process. Once the container is inside it will be automatically checked back in and taken off your account. Your impact calculator and reward points update simultaneously so please use Encora often and feel great about the impact you're making.

Your container(s) will be picked up then washed, sanitized and air dried in a commercial dishwasher and can be reused up to 1,200 times. Thanks for doing your part for our planet.